The sun goes down and darkness falls
the new moon presents herself
with bright light.
Stars lit, sparkling with each blink
clear dark blue hues
in the sea of night.

You find the many animals
of myth and reality
finding yourself
sneaking your way to take a sip of  wine of the gods
from the Crater
Catching a ride on the Phoenix holding on a Pyxis
passing by the Cetus, Cygnus, Delphinus and Volans
You fall off the Phoenix to Pegasus
Holding a Scutum and a Sagitta
with a Draco you defeat a Hydrus
at the Ara you present the defeated Hydrus to Orion
giving you the Corona Australis
and a Lyre.
The Vela sets you on Eridanus
sailing back home looking through a telescopium.

It is pitch dark.
Your head is laden with dreams that await you
as the nightingale is heard
you are in engulf with the night.
The lute of the Lyre
puts you in deep sleep.

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